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January 5th, 2018

Welcome to the New American Facade Restoration Website

If you’re reading this, then you’ve found our new website and blog. Welcome! We’re proud of our new online home and we hope you’ll visit regularly. It’s a great way to learn more about us, our capabilities, and our many restoration projects throughout Greater Cincinnati. Here’s a quick tour:

We now have a website that is as modern in its capability as we are. We wanted the overall feel to be patriotic, easy to navigate, and clean and professional, like us.  But it’s our rotating banners on the home page that gets to the heart of what makes us special…we tackle and finish the most challenging projects and we do it safely and professionally…and always with an eye toward restoring the original integrity of your facade.

We also make it easy to communicate with us. In addition to the clearly visible phone number, you can contact us for a quote, review open jobs and submit your application, contact us via our form.

Our Learn More page, where you are now, is where we will present topics related to facade restoration, from interesting masonry and concrete challenges to the many safety regulations we adhere to. Our goal is to educate and share helpful information and tips about our industry so you can make better decisions about your needs and who to work with. This will also be the place to learn more about news and events at American Facade Restoration.

Want to see some actual projects with before and after photos? With our new Photo Gallery, you’ll be able to find and sort project photos by simply choosing the type of work we performed (from cleaning, waterproofing, coatings and sealants to stone, masonry, or concrete restoration, and more). With the photo gallery now being much easier to manage — and therefore much easier to update — you’ll be seeing lots of new content (maybe even your project) in the days and months ahead.

While you’re visiting our new online home, we hope you’ll notice the easy navigation. We wanted visitors to have an enjoyable user experience. If there’s a particular piece of content you’re trying to find, you’ll be able to do so with a clean, simple navigation menu. Or you can use the convenient Search field at the top of every page.

Most of all, we hope you’ll read about our many types of Restoration Services. As noted above, we can do virtually anything. But we really enjoy those especially challenging projects. It’s where we really shine because we are experienced, highly trained restoration experts who have seen it all and love what we do. We hope you’ll take time to learn more about us too.

And don’t forget about our social media (Facebook, LinkedIn and more) located at the bottom of every page. With social media sites becoming important communication channels, we encourage you to follow us. We’ll be posting photos and helpful information across our social sites regularly.

We’re proud of our new online home. We think it captures who we are and what we stand for. It reinforces the idea that American Facade Restoration is the best choice for the toughest facade restorations. We hope you think so too.

To learn more about how we can help you with your restoration needs, contact us here or call us at 895-572-9200.

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