Restoration Services

Stone Restoration

Our building restoration services include work on commercial and historical building restorations.

Clinton County Courthouse

Clinton County Courthouse Before
Clinton County Courthouse After
  • Pressure wash entire building, dome & porch walls
  • Chemically clean entire building, dome & porch walls
  • Grind deteriorated mortar joints ¾” in depth
  • Tuckpoint mortar joints using Type N mortar with a bonding agent
  • Grind all copping cap stones (skyward joints)
  • Grind all cornice & water table (skyward joints)
  • Install closed cell backer rod & prime joints
  • Seal all joints
  • Patch limestone
  • Seal entire building perimeter to sidewalk
  • Final cleaning of entire building
  • Apply Water Repellant
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Immanuel Presbyterian Church

Immanuel Presbyterian Church Before
Immanuel Presbyterian Church After
  • Provided all safety (including barricades), material, labor & equipment
  • Pressure wash & chemically clean all brick using Dietrich 101 Masonry Restorer
  • Grind all deteriorated & missing mortar joints
  • Rinse all mortar joints with clean potable water
  • Tuckpoint two (2) chimneys 100% from roofline up
  • Tuckpoint all mortar joints using Type N mortar to match existing color & texture
  • Cut out, grind, install backer rod, prime & caulk all coping cap skyward joints
  • Apply two (2) coats of Water Repellent
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Cincinnati Bell

Cincinnati Bell Before
Cincinnati Bell After
  • Pressure wash & chemically clean all Limestone
  • Tuckpointing
  • Caulking
  • Waterproofing
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St. Anne Tower

St. Anne Retreat Center of the Diocese of Covington Before
St. Anne Retreat Center of the Diocese of Covington During

The Retreat Center consists of two primary buildings. The Convent Center, the original building, was completed in 1919. The Moye Center was completed in 1930 along with the Sacred Heart Chapel. Completed extensive masonry restoration in 2015, including cleaning, tuckpointing and waterproofing.

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