Restoration Services

Special Services

Our building restoration services include work on commercial and historical building restorations.

Restoration Investigation

During Investigation
  • Meet with building owner/building manager to review building/structure needs
  • Identify and determine architects and structural engineers are needed
  • Develop a next-step plan to ensure the most safe, cost-effective scope of work to restore your building/structure
  • Work with structural engineers on selective demolition
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Project Budgeting

Test results, notes, photos and drawings are all reviewed when budgeting the scope of all jobs
  • Perform full investigation of building/structure utilizing methods of non-destructive testing (NDS)/selective removal
  • Supply full proposal of cost, photos, and engineer’s report and drawings
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During CMU Interior
During Brick Veneer Exterior
  • Work with engineers to provide documentation and drawings to stabilize
  • Sidewalk protection (pedestrian protection)
  • Securing of walls with engineered plans
  • Securing your masonry and concrete is future savings for your building/structure
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