Restoration Services

Cleaning, Waterproofing, Coatings & Sealants

Our building restoration services include work on commercial and historical building restorations.


Clinton County Courthouse Before
Clinton County Courthouse After

Your property needs a proper and professional cleaning. Dirt, grime, and other unspeakables have built-up on the exterior of your property. This filth is not just damaging to your reputation. It is difficult to spot weaknesses and damages on a dirty property.

By maintaining a clean building you make it easier to spot minor damages or potentially hazardous areas.

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Building Waterproofing
Parking Lot Waterproofing

Although masonry materials are low maintenance, they do require some maintenance. Waterproofing will not only extend the life of your building, it will provide a moisture barrier for the interior of your facility. Proper material selection and application are critical.

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Norwood Middle School Before
Norwood Middle School After

Proper coating application can extend the life of any material (concrete, steel, aluminum, etc.). Improper coatings can damage the underlying material and cost more money to repair / replace in the long-term. Factors to be considered when selecting a coating include material to be covered, environmental conditions, ventilation, and wear.  Allow us to assist with the proper coating and application – not only will it improve the appearance of your facility, it will reduce your long-term maintenance costs.

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Parking Lot Sealants
Window and Building Sealants

Maintaining the sealant on your property is a critical maintenance item that should not be overlooked. Sealant is meant to keep moisture out of areas that may move over time (windows, sidewalks, roofs, parking lots, garages). Although most sealant (urethane or silicone) should last for many years, improper installation may shorten its life. We can provide an evaluation and cost estimate to repair or replace the failed or cracking sealant on your facilities.

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